Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After feeling better Saturday and Sunday but still taking it easy, I started on Monday not feeling well. I started running a fever again. I haven't ran any since Thursday night. Ok...now do I have strep? My throat hurt the same it had the previous week with the flu. I couldn't stay awake, and tylenol and motrin was not bringing the fever down.

I headed back to the doctor. I now have a secondary infection. Bronchitis! Lovely!!!!

Started on some Biaxin and she wanted me to start some breathing treatments. I can't stay awake. I have maybe been awake for 4 hours on Monday and maybe 4 today!

I feel so bad. My husband has been great, but I know he is exhausted. He has been getting up taking the kids to school, working, running to go get medicine, taking us the doctor, picking up the kids, and trying to get everyone where they are suppose to be for their afterschool activities.
He is awesome!


Friday, September 18, 2009

I am feeling a little bit better today. I have been sleeping lots. Josh hasn't ran any fever since Thursday evening, but he wasn't 24 hours fever free so he is stayed home again today.

Michael went up to the school to get some of Josh's makeup work so he wouldn't have to so much to do when he got back.

We worked on some of his work, and watched lots of t.v.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

We'll Josh has strep and I have the so called "swine flu." I feel like crapt. I hope neither of us share with each other. I got some tamiflu and tussionex and Josh started on some Keflex. Hopefully we will be on the road to recovery!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I subbed the last two days in a classroom full of sick children. Children that have just came back to school after being out the last week, kids that were asking to go see the school nurse, and kids that were checking out.

This morning wasn't a good morning. I felt sick, Josh felt sick. I was on my way to sub for the third day in a row. I started getting nauseous as I drove to drop the kids off at school. Josh was complaining of his stomach hurting. I called Michael at home and told him I was coming back home and wasn't going to work today. I felt sick! I told him I was bringing Josh back with me too. The both of us got home and laid in my bedroom and watched t.v. and slept.

We had lots of time to talk together too with no interruptions. I can't stand when parents don't take the time to listen or play with their kids. Some kids are starving for attention, and it always breaks my heart!

Michael is planning on taking off in the morning and taking me and Josh to the doctor. We are feeling so bad! I hope it is not the flu!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a crazy weekend we have had! It has been so much fun though! Each kid had something fun going on!

Jillian got to check out of school early on Friday for her ice skating competition. We went and had her favorite lunch together before she had to be on the ice. Chinese!

I took her to her warm up ice session and we didn't have but 2 hours after that to have her dressed, makeup on and ready to be on the ice for her compulsory part of the competition. Michael picked up the boys from school and met us at the rink. Afterwards, the school was suppose to have their school picnic but it got rained out! We went home and turned in early instead on Friday night.

Saturday was suppose to be Preston's baseball camp with the highschool team. Unfortunately it got rained out. It was sort of nice that it worked out that way. He got to see his sister perform early Saturday morning. She had her new program, new skate dress, and new music! I dressed her at home and did her makeup at home. On the way to the rink I got a few calls requesting help with makeup and hair. Everyone thinks I use to work at a makeup counter or something. They say Jillian's makeup always looks so professional. I told them I like putting makeup on her but I don't wear that much anymore. I think the days of highschool and being a majorette made me not like makeup as much. We use to have to put so much on...we looked like clowns up close.

We got to the rink, I rushed back to the dressing room and did some other girls hair and makeup. At some of the competitions they have vendors set up to braid, or to put hair in buns, or any other hairstyle you like. They usually charge like $20 per head of hair. I swear some of them make $6000 in a 2 day competition. I bet they can't move their arms the next day either.

Jillian went on the ice at 10:15. She looked beautiful! She did have one fall, and I was worried about her catching up with her music. Her program is already so FAST! She caught up and did wonderful! I was a little nervous about her making more mistakes trying to catch up, but she always recovers well! She is so poised! Don't know where she got that from?????

She ended up placing second in her program and 2nd in Friday's compulsory! She did awesome!

Sunday was tricky!

We had kid's needing to be at different places at the same time pretty much. This is where an older sibling that could drive would come in handy or family that lived close by. Thank goodness for friends!!!! Several of us have several kids and no family and we help each other out.

Preston had baseball practice in Helena, Josh had a tournament in Homewood, and Jillian had a very good friend's birthday party at the skating rink.

We dropped Jillian off with her friend's house to ride with him to his party. They have been buddies since kindergarten. This is also a boy that told me that she would have to get married someday Ms. Jennifer! The parents and us are friends. They are from Dothan originally also but a bit older than us. We always go to the peanut festival together and Jillian and Caleb get to ride rides together. I dropped Preston off at his baseball practice with friends that were on that team. The coach's older son is on Josh's tournament team so they were coming to Homewood to catch the end of the double header game so Preston caught a ride ot Homewood with them. I headed to Josh's game. I always somehow get stuck keeping the book! Which I don't mind...especially when I don't have the other kids there to keep an eye on. There are so many younger siblings on Josh's team though it is fun for them when they have these tournament games. They all bring something to do or some toys to share. Josh won one game, and lost the other game by 1. We rushed to pick Jillian up from her so called boy-friends house after Josh's game. She had fun!

It was a great, busy weekend! I love watching my children play with their friends, I love watching them at their activities. I love being around them and wish they would stop growing up so FAST!


Friday, September 4, 2009

I have been subbing each week since school has started! I had planned more home improvement projects, but the extra money is nice too!

I painted the kids bathroom after finishing painting Preston's bedroom. I don't mind painting, but just like quiet while I do it. It is sort of relaxing.....until you get to doing the trim or up at the ceiling. They both look so much better though...so it was so worth it. I hope to work on some more projects around the house as time allows.

Jillian has her ice skating competition next weekend. She is really nervous. I think because she learned her program in 2 days, was off the ice for almost 3 weeks, then only had 2 weeks to come back and practice it. She was off ice for awhile while she recovered from her tonsil surgery then some emergency surgery she had to have done after that surgery. Bless her heart...she was so brave! I am working on stoning her new skate dress! I hope it ends up looking alright. After being involved in the competitive side of skating for almost 2 years now, I have learned a few things. How to save money! As expensive as ice skating is...that is a BLESSING! I have picked up on stoning..now I just need to learn how to sew the dresses.

The boys are gearing up for baseball. They are working on breaking in their new gloves. Preston so much admires Josh. He wants to do everything he does, and do it better. They are so competitive. Then again, I guess we sort of are a competitive family. Right down to playing the Wii. We have so much fun playing Wii as a family. There is a cute Disney Trivia game we all like to play together, but the kid's favorite and I think my husbands too is playing Mario Super Sluggers. They set up tournament play. I usually am the first or second one out of the tournament. Now If I spent more time practicing, I would do better. I use to know all the controls and all the moves on video games. Boy have they changed! I do love Guitar Hero and Rock Band. My oldest son and I play it alot together. Actually we all get down to the basement and play that together too. The only thing my husband likes to play though on rock band is the drums. I like to play the guitar. Josh I have to say...is a pretty good guitar player. He wants to take guitar lessons. Not quite sure how we can fit anything else into our schedule or the budget. Jillian really enjoys singing. She is usually the singer and loves singing the High School Musical songs from that game. I really enjoy our family time together.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wow, started zumba today! I sweated like I never sweated before. It was a lot of fun. A few friends of mine went as well. It made it even more fun! I will be sore tomorrow!

This afternoon several friends met us out at the ballpark. We played the kids against the parents for awhile. That is always fun! I am always afraid I will forget not to hit it as hard as I can. I couldn't bare to hit one of those kids.

We grilled out tonight and had some quality family time. It was a great day!