Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After feeling better Saturday and Sunday but still taking it easy, I started on Monday not feeling well. I started running a fever again. I haven't ran any since Thursday night. Ok...now do I have strep? My throat hurt the same it had the previous week with the flu. I couldn't stay awake, and tylenol and motrin was not bringing the fever down.

I headed back to the doctor. I now have a secondary infection. Bronchitis! Lovely!!!!

Started on some Biaxin and she wanted me to start some breathing treatments. I can't stay awake. I have maybe been awake for 4 hours on Monday and maybe 4 today!

I feel so bad. My husband has been great, but I know he is exhausted. He has been getting up taking the kids to school, working, running to go get medicine, taking us the doctor, picking up the kids, and trying to get everyone where they are suppose to be for their afterschool activities.
He is awesome!


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